The Best Craft Beers to Drink Under Your Shade Sail

Enjoying a cold beer is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat, and it can be even better under a shade sail.

While some people prefer solid patio covers, a shade sail only blocks out most of the sunlight, still allowing some to stream through. Not only that, but it also encourages airflow to help you truly relax and enjoy your time outdoors in comfort.

To quench your thirst while you are out there, try these great, easy-drinking beers from amazing Australian breweries.

Rocky Ridge: Peach Invasion New England IPA

Peach Invasion beer from Rocky Ridge under shade sail.Originally developed as a collaboration between Rocky Ridge Brewing Co and Dainton Brewing, Peach Invasion is a light, creamy IPA in the New England style. As you might expect, it offers an essence of peach flavour that will keep you coming back for more as the temperature rises.

Cheeky Monkey: IIPA

Cheeky Monkey IIPA BeerFrom the venerable Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co in WA comes this fruity, hoppy, malty double IPA. Despite all of that, the beer manages to remain easy to drink. Notes of passion fruit give it a summery vibe that goes down great on hot days.

Blasta Brewing: Unleash the Beast

Unleash The Beast beer from Blasta Brewing.A product of the Blasta Brewing Co, Unleash the Beast is a high-alcohol New England IPA. With nearly 7 per cent ABV, it is best to take it slow with this one. When you are outside relaxing with your mates, this should be no trouble at all.

Wedgetail: Pale Ale

Wedgetail Pale Ale beer.An American-style pale ale, this offering from the Wedgetail Brewery is an easy-drinking favourite that pairs well with a wide range of foods. With low bitterness and a light, citrus-infused flavour, this is one you’ll want to session all summer long.

Old Coast Road Brewery: PBH Strong Porter Ale

Old Coast Brewery stout for enjoyment under a shade sail.A delicious dark porter from Old Coast Road Brewery. The Porter Ale bring a mix of coffee and chocolate notes to your mouth with every sip. Surprisingly easy drinking and definitely moreish. If you enjoy a great dark porter, the PBH Strong is the beer for you.

Green Beacon: Grappler Lager

Green Beacon Grappler beer.Green Beacon Brewing Company’s Grappler lager is one of the most refreshing entries on this list. Light in both colour and flavour, this is one that you won’t mind tossing back two or three of on a hot summer’s day.

Matso’s: Mango Beer

Matso's Ginger beer.Coming out of Matso’s Broome Brewery, this mango beer is light, refreshing, and perfect for summer. You’ll love the mild mango flavour as you kick back under your shade sail this summer, though this delicious brew is available year-round.

Little Creatures: Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale beer.Little Creatures is one of the most well-known breweries in the Perth area, and its pale ale is a classic crowd-pleaser. With just the right amount of bitterness to perk up your taste buds, this wonderful beer is simple, yet spectacular. As it was the first beer the brand created, it is a long-standing favourite among Little Creatures insiders as well.

The Grove Brewery: Gangster Stout

Gangster Stout BeerWhile you may not think of stout as a summer beer, this incredible offering from The Grove Brewery, dubbed Gangster, is great for summer evenings on your patio. The brew is rich and complex, and the coffee, chocolate, and malt flavours will only continue to get deeper as it gets warmer.

Bootleg Brewery: Raging Bull

Raging Bull Ale beer.From the Bootleg Brewery, the Raging Bull ale is a repeat Australian International Beer Awards gold medal winner, and for good reason. This 7.1-per cent ABC concoction is full-flavoured and great with steaks and other rich meats. Be sure to bring this one out the next time you fire up the barbie!

Take Your Brews Outside

To really make the most of your backyard or patio this summer so that you can enjoy all these incredible beers alfresco, you’re going to need some helpful protection from the sun. However, you don’t want to block it out fully and miss out on one of the best things about the great weather – warm summer rays. So, get in touch with Morley Canvas today to learn about shade sail options and organize a no-obligation free measure and quote.

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This article is written by Alex Hamilton from Beer Is OK – a local Perth beer blog and brewery guide. Beer Is OK gives beer enthusiasts a place to share their favourite beer venues, latest craft beer releases and more.

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