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For many boat owners, your vessel is your pride and joy. While you dream of sailing the seas daily visiting new and exciting locations, for many boat owners, your vessel will usually sit in your driveway or at the dock for extended periods of time without an adequate boat cover or boat canopy. That's why it is important to protect the exterior and interior of your boat from the harsh Perth weather.

Morley Canvas have specialised marine manufacturing and install teams based in Perth and Binningup, Western Australia. With over 30 years in the industry, we manufacture custom boat covers and boat canopies to suit your vessel. From small tinnies to large yachts, we use only the highest quality fabrics to provide your boat with the greatest possible protection from the sun or rain.

While boat covers are vital for the longevity of your boats interior when not in use, it's also important to consider shade protection while sailing the local water. With multiple fabric and colour options, Morley Canvas can manufacture and install high-quality boat bimini covers to protect your vessel and guests from the weather. If you're looking to refresh your vessel with new seat covers, cushions or fabric interior parts, head over to our marine trimming page to view our services.

Bimini Covers

We specialise in both fixed and folding bimini covers for boats of all sizes. We don't sell generic bimini's, we manufacturer our products right here in Perth to ensure a perfect fit. The style, colour and design of our bimini's can be changed to suit your specific requirements.

Our custom manufactured boat bimini's are great for:

  • Reducing direct sunlight on passengers
  • Improving the visual appeal of your vessel
  • Reducing weathering of internal parts
  • Entertaining guests

Boat Covers

Our range of PVC & canvas fabric boat covers will protect your boat year round. Manufactured right here in our Bayswater workshop, our custom made boat covers come in a range of colours & styles.

Our boat covers can help to:

  • Protect your boat from rain and storms - reducing the chances of mould build-up
  • Prevent paint and fabric colour fading
  • Reduce wear from the sun - such as cracked rubber seals
  • Keep you boat clean from dust and debris

Purchasing a generic or cheap boat cover will leave you with a range of issues, such as a loose fit or limited life from low-quality materials. Our custom made covers are measured to your boats specifics and are manufactured using hardy long-lasting fabrics to withstand Australia's harsh weather.

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