Outdoor Living Tips: How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Area in Winter

Just because the temperature has begun to drop doesn’t mean your outdoor entertaining needs to! As winter rolls around, there are many ways to continue using your outdoor entertaining area to its full potential with a few tweaks to ensure it is comfortably set up for the cooler months. Here are a couple of tips to prepare your space:

Set Up a Fire Pit

Create a cosy camping vibe without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Installing a fire pit in your outdoor area is the perfect way to add an inviting element to space, and can act as a focal point to tie together all of the other elements and decor in your backyard. It creates a central gathering space that will also keep everybody warm on an icy night. You can add an affordable DIY fire pit by simply repurposing a washing machine drum, or have a landscaper install a beautiful, professionally constructed stone fire pit if you really want to wow your guests!

Invest in an Outdoor Patio for Protection from the Rain

Outdoor patios are a great way to improve the size of your entertaining area while providing year-round protection from the weather. Select a style and colour scheme that matches the design of your home to create a seamless transition. If you are looking to install a fire pit or even landscape the area surrounding your new outdoor patio, make sure you speak to your patio builder about your future plans. Your patio builder will run through the designs of your patio to ensure you have the ideal design, colour scheme, patio flooring choice and materials.

Enclose Your Outdoor Patio Area with Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor living tips blinds.Keep the warmth in and create an indoor/outdoor flow throughout your home with professionally installed outdoor blinds. Your Perth home will not only look the part, but your guests will be protected from the cool winds and winter storms. Pick a colour and fabric to complement your outdoor area and be sure to close off all areas to really trap the heat in.

Upgrade Your Outdoor BBQ Area

Ensuring your BBQ area is properly equipped with the right features will mean you’ll be more likely to utilise it all year round, knowing that it will serve its purpose well. Adding a bar fridge to your outdoor area will reduce the temptation to host your next get-together inside by having a dedicated space for your drinks, cheese and dips to be in arm’s reach. If you really want to add something special to your BBQ area, consider installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, with a sink and benchtop. Not only will you be more likely to use this space to entertain guests in Winter, but it will encourage you to even spend your everyday family dinners out in the fresh air.

Stay Cosy with Winter Decor

The cherry on top of setting up your ideal outdoor space for Winter is to decorate it appropriately for the season. Include faux-fur or fleece throws to add a cosy element to the atmosphere, which will also provide your guests with a way to keep warm while enjoying your company. Add yellow-toned lighting to create a warm ambience in the space – hanging fairy lights in the trees or along the ceiling of your patio are perfect ways to achieve this. Lighting can also be used to accentuate the best features of your landscape, for example, your most beautiful plants or a water feature that deserves to be appreciated.

Keeping these key features in mind this Winter will set you up for success when planning your next gathering in the cooler months. Even though the Summer heat may have disappeared, you’re sure to be the hottest host!

Author Bio:

Georgia is the Web Content and Marketing Coordinator at Service.com.au, a trades and services platform that connects everyday homeowners to local service professionals, and also provides useful lifestyle and home improvement tips. When Georgia isn’t writing articles with love from the Gold Coast, she is hitting her personal bests with her passion for bodybuilding, and looking for the next creative activity to pursue, whether it be drawing, craft or sewing!

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