Custom Caravan Designs: Improve The Liveability of Your Van

Your family caravan becomes your home when travelling the country roads throughout Australian. While your caravan design may reduce the amount of living space you have compared to your permanent house, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to live in luxury. With a few custom caravan improvements and accessories, you can improve the liveability of your home away from home to keep the whole family comfortable.

Create Additional Space With Custom Caravan Annexes

Custom caravan design.While it’s difficult to change the size of your interior caravan design, there’s a great way to improve your living space external to your caravan. Installing a custom caravan annex which attaches to your caravan annexe provides additional living space which can be utilised with some foldable furniture and electronics. While caravan awnings and annexes come in a range of colours and fabric options suited to particular caravans, you can have a custom caravan awning and annexes installed by Morley Canvas to suit any brand or model caravan.

Live In Luxury With Popular Caravan Accessories

Upgrade your new or used caravan with a few items from a must-have caravan accessories list. Local Perth caravan dealerships stock all the essentials to improve the liveability of your caravan. You can also find some unique caravan accessories that you’d never thought of before, turning your current caravan into a luxurious home away from home. Some of the most common accessories to improve your caravan design include:

Create Balance With Caravan Landing Legs

Parking your caravan on an uneven or slightly tilted surface can cause a misbalance and uncomfortable living experience. Installing caravan landing legs allows you to level out your caravan to ensure perfect balance. Make sure you also bring your level tool on your caravan holiday.

Provide Light With Upgraded Caravan Lighting

While torches are a staple tool to have when travelling Australia in a caravan, it can become a tedious task to pull your torch every time you leave your van. Installing custom caravan lighting around the exterior of your vehicle will allow you to light up the close proximity providing for a more luxurious living area. LED lights are often a favourite amongst caravan enthusiasts as they:

  • Last much longer than traditional lighting
  • More durable and shock-resistant
  • Use much less power than traditional lights

If you are planning to install additional lights on your caravan, it’s recommended that you also install additional batteries or solar panels to provide enough power for the extra lighting.

Reduce Glare With Caravan Window Tinting

Morning and afternoon glare through your caravan windows can often be frustrating and an ongoing annoyance when you’re trying to have a relaxing Australian holiday. Having professional window tinting installed on your caravan’s external windows reduces glare and creates a more private living area. Decorative and custom window tinting options are also available to provide a very custom caravan design. While you’re at it, don’t forget to install some window tinting on your car to make for a more pleasant journey.

Noticed Bugs Or Rain Entering Your Caravan? Get It Fixed!

Nothing is more irritating than bugs and unwanted critters entering your caravan and spoiling your food and linen. Water entering through seals, tears and open vents can also cause major interior damage if not properly managed. If you notice any damage, mould or unwanted insects in your caravan during your Australian travels, make a note to get it fixed when you’re back home.

Get your exterior seals replaced and ensure there are no rips or tears in your caravan canvas. If you do notice some small rips or tears, this can be fixed with some custom canvas spot repairs on the affected areas. If your caravan canvas has multiple rips or is heavily sun-damaged and deteriorating, it’s likely time to get a full custom caravan canvas reskin.

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