Product Insight: Commercial DualShade 350 by Gale Pacific

shade sail over playground perthMorley Canvas are proud to showcase the new Commercial DualShade 350 by Gale Pacific, recently entering the West Australian market. The new durable fabric presents a visually pleasing design suitable for a range of applications including school playgrounds, home shade sails, driveway or carpark shade sails and more. The Commercial DualShade 350 fabric is supplied by Paskal.

Features of the Commercial DualShade 350

shade sail protecting from uv perthThe new Commercial DualShade 350 was recently tested by the Morley Canvas team at multiple locations across Perth. As one of the first applications using this product in Western Australia, the team were pleased to notice the high-quality and durable design was one of the best in the market.

The satisfaction of using this product was only amplified once our clients saw the final product, which produced a visually appealing and effective form of sun protection and shade.

Some of the most appealing features and benefits include:

  • Dual Colour Knit Pattern presenting a chameleon-like effect as you walk around the shade fabric. With separate colours on each side and the change in colour depending on how you view the fabric, it provides a unique and aesthetically-pleasing finished product.
  • Maximum Durability using high-quality, UV-stabilised materials joined by a strong lock-stitch knit pattern. This provides a longer fabric life and improved performance, lowering ongoing costs and maintenance.
  • 10-Year UV Degradation Warranty from Gale Pacific on fabric to prove longevity and durability.
  • Advanced Sun Protection offering up to a 93.6% UV block, the fabric is perfect for home applications, commercial sun protection and providing large rural shade.
  • 100% Lead & Phthalate Free product so you can rest assured it’s a high-quality product with a long life.

Application Choices with Morley Canvas

shade sail cover school perthMorley Canvas can utilise Commercial DualShade 350 fabrics for a range of applications in Perth homes, businesses and onsite in rural locations. With workshops in Morley and Binningup, Western Australia, our specialised team manufacture to suit your requirements.

As specialists in custom fabric manufacturing, Morley Canvas can also use this fabric in any unique and custom project. Whether you’re looking to make a bed for your family pet, want to create a mini shade sail for your child’s cubby house, or want the ultimate shade cloth for your garden bed, we do it all.

Speak to our team today about Commercial DualShade 350 options for your:

Available Fabric Colours

Commercial DualShade 350 comes in three unique arrays of colour combinations to suit all applications. Unsure which one will compliment your property best? Book a free measure and quote online and we will visit you on location to assist.

Brilliant Collection

Rich and luminous colour combinations that demand to be noticed, illuminating any outdoor space.

Colour Name
Protection Category
citrus colour swatch
Very Effective
sunburst colour swatch
Very Effective
macaw colour swatch
chameleon colour swatch
Very Effective
topaz colour swatch

Terrafirma Collection

Showcasing the beauty and calmness of nature that takes you from lush rainforests to vast desert landscapes.

Colour Name
Protection Category
amazonia colour swatch
Very Effective
savanna colour swatch
Very Effective
cobblestone colour swatch
goldrush colour swatch
Very Effective

Destination Collection

Colour hues that are elegant and clean, reminiscent of some of the world’s most desired destinations.

Colour Name
Protection Category
capri colour swatch
Very Effective
santorini colour swatch
maldives colour swatch
Very Effective

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What Are You Waiting For?

dual colour shade sail design perthVisit Morley Canvas today to see these fabric options in person. Alternatively, give us a call on (08) 9375 9500 and we will visit you on location, in the greater Perth metro area, all the way down to Bunbury and the South West.