Spoil Your Dog with These 5 Custom Canvas Dog Products

Custom canvas products for dog sitting at computer desk.Jumping onto a computer and searching for the best dog products isn’t something your dog can do (although they’d try, given the chance). Luckily for them, us owners just love spoiling them with amazing new products and treats that will make their lives that little bit more comfortable.

Whether your dog loves to lounge around the home during the day or comes with you to work or on family holidays, we’ve got the perfect products to spoil them silly. From ute covers to protect them from the sun to custom made dog beds to let them rest in comfort, the possibilities are endless.

Morley Canvas manufacture all products to your specification. So, no matter how wild and unique your idea is, we will work with you to provide the perfect solution.

Read on below for some of our common custom canvas product perfect for your four-legged pal.

Ute Pet Shade Covers

Ute pet shade tonneau cover.Ever considered how hot your ute tray lining gets?

We think your local vet will agree, small things like this can often be forgotten when bringing your best mate along for the ride. If your ute is kept out in the sun before your dog jumps in for the ride, the hot surface can cause damage to their paws.

Also, if your dog travels in your ute for longer trips, the sun could cause heat exhaustion and become unbearable for them.

The perfect solution? A custom ute pet shade cover or custom canvas ute canopy.

A ute cover will not only protect your best mate from the sun, it will also shade the lining of the ute to prevent it from heating up. Being custom made, these covers can be fitted to your existing frame or sports bars no matter what ute brand you own.

Ute Dog Crate Cover

Ute dog crate cover.Having your dog travel in a dog crate keeps them protected from flying debris and rough road surface. However, some crates can still heat up from the sun and cause sunburn to your four-legged pal.

To help reduce this and provide shade for your dog, Morley Canvas can manufacture custom dog crate covers from canvas to reduce heating. With colour options to suit the colour of your ute, and the ability to customise the product in any way you want, your dog will be spoilt and living in luxury with their brand-new dog crate cover.

Custom Dog Car Hammock

Custom dog car hammock and bed.Perhaps your dog likes to share the inside of the car?

It’s quite easy to open up the back door to your sedan, hatch, SUV or 4wd and let your pet jump on board – but why not spoil them with an upgrade. A custom-made dog hammock and comfortable foam bed will have your favourite mate travelling in style. Made from long-lasting canvas fabrics, each hammock and bed is made custom to suit the layout of your vehicle.

Better yet, installing a hammock will help contain your dog’s fur from entering every nook and cranny of your car.

Canvas Fabric Dog Bed

Canvas fabric dog bed.A canvas dog bed sound simple, right? Well, it can be…

While you could purchase a stock standard fabric dog bed from your local pet store, these are usually made using cheap fabrics that won’t withstand the tests of time. The other issue is finding one that’s the right size for your four-legged pal.

Luckily, a canvas fabric dog bed from Morley Canvas is made not only using the strongest fabric available, but it’s also made custom to suit your dog’s requirements. You could even take it up a notch and add some extra padding – now that’s luxury.

Outdoor Blinds & Shade Sails

Outdoor blinds and shade sails covering dog.Ok, ok, this one might be for the parents, but outdoor blinds and shade sails installed in your home also offer many benefits for your pets.

If your dog lives a lot of its life outdoors, it’s important that you provide sufficient shade and cover from both the sun and rain. Adding some new blinds to your outdoor alfresco area or install some shade sails over your paved areas can help make outdoor life for your dog much more comfortable.

If you’re ready to spoil your best mate, get in touch with the Morley Canvas team. With a store in Bayswater and down south in Bunbury, our team will help bring your ideas to life.

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